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Stickers for advertising and garbage collection in Eindhoven

Some days after I moved to Eindhoven, I went to the city hall to register as a resident. I took the chance to ask questions about two problems related to the house: advertising into the mail box and garbage collection.

After some days, you may start to get many advertisements (obviously in Dutch) by mail. To defend yourself from this “invasion”, it is necessary to get a sticker. There are of two kinds: the Nee Nee e the Nee Ja. This Dutch website explains how they work:

Nee Ja
Nee Ja

With this sticker you won’t get any advertising, but you will get some house-to-house newspapers.

Nee Nee
Nee Nee

With this sticker you won’t get any advertising nor house-to-house newspapers. You may ask for the stickers at the city hall and you will get them for free. I advise you to do so as soon as possible!

Regarding the garbage collection in Eindhoven, there is a great website called Afvalkalender (garbage calendar). You have to insert your postcode and you can see the days in which they are collected. Where I live there is only collection of paper, generic waste is thrown in the dedicated containers that are opened with the magnetic card. Glass needs to be thrown into the bins close to supermarkets.

A quite unusual thing is that collection does not necessarily happen in the morning. Yesterday they picked up paper at 6pm!

Two weeks in the Netherlands

Finally I have some time to write my first post after leaving for Erasmus. 🙂 I’ve been in the Netherlands already for 15 days.

I left on Saturday, so I spent my first two days “as a tourist”, sleeping in a hotel and going around the streets of Eindhoven. It’s been a quiet weekend, during which I also had the chance to visit Van Abbemuseum. I decided to buy the Museumkaart because it allows you to visit hundreds of museums across the country for one year, with about 60 euros.

Modern art at Van Abbemuseum
Modern art at Van Abbemuseum

On Monday morning I started lessons at TU/e: luckily I had explored the campus two days before! The university complex is very big and it is difficult to get oriented.

I have to admit that the first days have been quite tough. I arrived in the morning from the hotel and I immediately started lectures. After lunch I signed the documents for my university and I picked up the keys to the house. In the afternoon I couldn’t even unpack, I went to buy something to eat and then to sleep.

The next morning I had classes all day long. I had to leave early from the last lecture, because the introduction evening was scheduled. In addition to having had this event only after the second day of classes, I had two further problems:

  • I was registered with the wrong surname “Lazzarotte”
  • I was refused entry to the Dutch language course

The latter problem particularly disappointed me. I sent many emails to the language center and they assured me I could apply. It was a lie. To apply you have to book one week before the beginning of the semester, but the login and password are given only when you arrive at TU/e! Asking the language center to help you with the booking will be completely useless.

The courses have started immediately at full rate, including the weekly assignments. Also this was a bit difficult at the beginning, but I found some great Dutch groupmates and I am satisfied!

I share the house with two girls, one is Italian and one is Finnish, with whom I get on well. Moreover, during the week which is about to start I won’t have lectures because it’s holiday. I will be able to rest a bit, and I will be able to meet Tana and Nanouk after almost two years. 😀