The examination calendar at the DTU

At the end of the semester in which I studied at the DTU, I needed to find information about exams. The dates are decided well in advance, but the times and the place are told only a few days before.

At the beginning I was a bit afraid, then I was able to find everything. I discovered that the most important information about exams is given only in Danish. For this reason, I want to give some advice to those who are in the same situation.

There’s nothing worse than knowing the day of an exam, but not knowing where it will be. Look at the difference between the page in Danish and the one in English:

While I am writing this post, the page in Danish contains a notice:

Lokaleoversigt og tider for eksamen vil være tilgængelig en ugen inden eksamensperioden begynder på “Infosite for studerende” (kun tilgængelig for ansatte og studerende).

The meaning is:

Exam rooms and timetables will be available one week before the exam periods starts in the «Infosite for students» (only available for personnel and students).

The link sends you to Portalen.

As you have seen, the “magic word” is lokaleoversigt. In particular you can search:

  • Lokaleoversigt for vintereksamen for winter exams
  • Lokaleoversigt for sommereksamen for summer exams

The new version of the DTU website also contains a section called undervisnings lokaler. It allows to search rooms for classes and exams.

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