I’ve been accepted at the DTU

I apologize for not keeping you updated: about in the middle of October I received the official email confirming that I’ve been accepted at the DTU!

Dear Andrea Lazzarotto,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted as an exchange student at The Technical University of Denmark. You will find your Acceptance Letter and some practical information about your studies at the DTU in the attachment. This Email is the official DTU Acceptance Letter and you will not receive a copy of it by post.

Best Regards,

Bjørn Sparre Johansson
Exchange Students Admission Officer
International Affairs
Study Division

As written in the email, I didn’t receive the confirmation by post. However, if it can be useful to you, keep in mind that the signed learning agreement was sent back to me. So I could have sent the original without caring to make a certified copy.

Attached to the email there were three PDF documents:

  • Information regarding CampusNet and Portalen which you can download from here
  • Acceptance letter on letterheaded paper
  • Information sheets which summarize what you find on the website, to download them click here

I also received the confirmation that I will take part in the Danish language EILC course, so I bought the plane ticket: I’ll leave on the 6th of January! I’ll write a more detailed article about that. 😉

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