The needed documentation to be sent to the DTU

Some days ago I sent the documentation to the DTU. The complete list of the necessary can be found on the official site, both for Erasmus students and for other international exchanges. In this post I want to briefly talk about the documents I had to send.

To avoid confusion, given that the requirements could change, here you find the note I have saved to exactly know what to send. As you can see I used Evernote to clip a part of the page, to add some notes and to insert the checkboxes in order to remember what was missing. I’ll talk more in detail about this tool in a future article.

Back to the documents, here are some notes and suggestions of mine:

  • Print of the application form: I already covered this theme in a previous article, if you use Linux or Mac it’s difficult to fill in but it can be done.
  • Certified copy of the transcript of grades: this is the list of the exams you have done with the corresponding marks. In my case I printed it from the reserved area of the site of my university and then I got it stamped and signed by the international relations office.
  • Letter documenting the English proficiency: the requisite is a bit vague and honestly I didn’t get much clarification from the DTU. So I decided to simply send a photocopy of the PET test I passed three years ago. Also, in my transcript of grades it’s written that I have passed the English exam, so it should be sufficient.
  • Learning agreement: here you must pay attention. Once you’ve got the learning agreement signed by your teacher and by the international relations office, don’t send the original! You must always keep it. I sent an email to Lyngby asking for information: the DTU doesn’t accept a simple photocopy, so you’ll have to ask your university to stamp it and sign it in order to guarantee it is a conformed copy.

Now I’m waiting for the confirmation email. I’ll let you know!


  1. A few years ago, while I was going through the whole same process, I got back in the post a nice letter containing booklets with al sort of information about the exchange program.

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