Danish flashcards

During my EILC period in the month of January 2013 I was asked to develop a small project. I decided to find a solution to a simple problem: during the course students are always busy in various activities and there is not much time for revising the language.

This is how Flashcard Danish! was born, a small web application that allows to learn words or short sentences in Danish. The main features are these:

  • can be used for 5 minutes or a lot of time
  • it’s fun because it’s a kind of game with yourself
  • contains more than 200 card
  • allows you to hear the pronunciation of words directly from Google Translate

I hope it will be useful!

Click here to start


  1. Hi Andrea,

    I could not manage to use your flashcards with a sound playing.

    I dont hear any sound.

    Regards TeD

  2. It was developed in January, 2013 so it is possible that something got broken in the meantime.

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