Towards the exams…

Almost two months have passed since my last post and they have been two very intense months. During the Easter break I went back to Italy to see again my parents, friends, Angela and also the places I am more familiar with. Silja came with me as well, in this way she was able to visit Venice and other cities.

When coming back I knew that the “normal” Danish university life was waiting for me. Indeed it was like that, and I spent the weeks with numerous assignments and projects. Except from karate, my time has been all spent for university. i worked hard to find some free time in an handful of occasions.

The most relaxing days have been between the 26th and 28th of April. In the first two, I went to visit Odense with Tana. We would have liked to meet all the other friends from the EILC course living there, however unfortunately Rosanne and Róisín had other obligations, so we met again Jakub and spent a nice evening all together. Odense is a nice city and I suggest you to visit it if you can. We saw only the Hans Christian Andersen museum and the railways one, for reasons of time, but many other touristic attractions are available.

On the 28th of April I went to Legoland with the trip organized by ESN DTU. The park is nice, and even if we had only five hours we had fun. After a minute all the group was already dispersed in the crowd, however I went around the park with Matteo and except for his refusal of high roller coasters, all went well. For this reason, if the purpose was that of creating new friendships between international students I would say it failed, if instead it was that of spending a funny day I think it has been reached!

On the next day Justina was in Copenhagen and we organized a dinner together with Henrik and Sergio. Fantastic evening, notwithstanding the “Hawaiian pizza” (I removed the pineapple before eating it, of course!).

Talking about May, I had to work for the university as usual. The only “amusement” moments have been the dinner with Xin Yee and her friends at the Campus Village (to celebrate the end of the Optimization Using Metaheuristics project) and obviously the kata seminar of JKA with Bura Sensei, taking place in Helsingør last Saturday. I am happy of being able to live a nice day of aggregation by practicing karate here.

Yesterday even I finally finished the last homework I had to do, and tomorrow will be the last day of lessons. After that, only the exams are left. Looking back, I am satisfied because this is what I had to do in this semester:

  • Error-correcting codes — 4 assignments and 1 “small” project
  • Optimization using metaheuristics — 1 “big” project with a detailed report and not much time for doing it
  • Social data modeling — 3 assignments and 1 final project
  • Computer science modelling — 3 assignments
  • Computer vision — 11 weekly exercises, each with a small report

When I was living those days I wasn’t sure to be able to do everything on schedule, but step by step all went well. It’s more or less the concept I wrote in the last post. My exams are between the 21th of May and the 3rd of June, after that I and Nanouk will go for 5 days to meet the girls living in Aarhus (always met at the EILC course, obviously!) and to visit the city.

Finally the return: I will take the plane to Venice on the 20th of June. 🙂

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