Audentes fortuna iuvat

I arrived to half of the semester. Looking backwards it doesn’t seem that two months already passed in Copenhagen. Almost three in Denmark. University here is different comparing to Italy, during the year many assignments are handed out and the workload is high. In Italy instead usually you follow the lectures and you study at the end for taking “big” exams.

Keeping regular is not very easy, however it can be done and up to now I managed to do it. The sentence I put in the title means «fortune helps the brave», and I like to keep it in mind when I think that there is always something to do or to study. Yesterday was the last day of lessons and in the afternoon we had a laboratory of Computer Vision. Doing the homework (even if not mandatory) every week required time, but it allowed me to finish the exercise of yesterday in 3 hours instead of 4: I felt happy!

During these days I also met again Henrik, Justina, Sergio and Johanna (on Sunday) and Silja (yesterday — and with her I will also go back to Italy to be a “tourist at home”). Even if I had a lot of homework I did my best for keeping the Sunday free, and it was a wonderful day.

On this point I was thinking (and I still think) that the Erasmus is nice and I study interesting subjects, I like it. But there is a “but”. 😛 If I have to evaluate the value of this experience abroad for sure the 80% goes to the EILC course. You can’t compare, and I am not surprised that Tana defined it «the best thing that ever happened to me».

I am happy with how it is going here, including the fact of being still able to see sometimes the friends from the Danish course. I can guarantee that this is a great fortune and so I can feel brave! 🙂

PS: I put here a gallery with some pictures taken during the first part of the semester, many are of Copenhagen but if there is something in particular that you would like to see, ask!

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