New life

It had to happen. It would have been useless to think the opposite and probably it wouldn’t have helped: the EILC ended on the 30 of January and with it my experience in Aabenraa.

I believed I was perfectly ready for the new chapter — the real Erasmus — but I felt the initial shock. It may seem stupid but I found myself to cry, in particular on friday evening, and I don’t know if it is only for the first impact or also because I miss the people of the group. But I suspect it’s the second one because I was ironing the T-shirt with the signatures of everybody in order to make them permanent and if I wasn’t careful to stop I would have burned it for how much I desire them to remain.

Now it’s a bit better.

The trip was a bit messy. On the morning on the 31st I woke up and had the last breakfast with Henrik, Johanna and Sergio for saying goodbye. They were kind enough to come with me to the bus stop so I didn’t get lost and it was easier to bring the luggage.

After confusedly talking with the bus driver, I managed to get to my stop. At that point I lost more than 10 minutes trying to find my aparment at the Tåsingegade Kollegiet. I was keeping SMS contact with my roommate who was waiting me for going to the DTU in order to apply for the residence permit.

His name is Piotr, and tough I was epically late, he was very kind and let me leave my bags. Thanks to the fact that he already knew how to move around it was easy to get to the DTU. I’m happy to have him as a roomie.

For lunch I tried the internal kantine and I liked the presence of different kinds of food. The first lunch was a wok! Then I picked up my linen bag and in the evening I went to my buddy’s house while having to carry that very heavy burden. This trip was long, too, but the evening was pleasing.

The next day there were three presentations and the most important thing: Piotr and I went to the grocery store given that we were without food. In the evening we had dinner at the university with all the international students.

The apartment is big and not bad, even if the toilet is not the best: currently without light and with a “shower” which is a bit incomplete. Also there is no electrical outlet inside. However I think that the worst thing has been suddendly finding myself in a completely “empty” place and having to manage everything.

Now that we went to the stores three times, a bit of stuff at a time, I feel better. I believe that also putting the clothes on the shelfs and sleeping in the room a couple of times helped. Yesterday we have also experimented the tradition of having dinner all together in the common room.

It’s a bit uncomfortable for the timing and because there are all different sorts of chairs and tables, but I think it’s a fantastic idea for the “social” aspect: I like it!

In these complicated days up to now I’ve took very few photos and up here I have put only three. From these five months I expect to be able to take a lot more and to live many news experiences. But I don’t forget what it was before and I’m looking forward to meet again the EILC friends. 😉

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