Breaking a puzzle

When you’re working to build a puzzle — no matter how big or complex — you would never want to stop. However the moment arrives when you have to unmake it. It can be because it’s finished, or simply because you have no more time to continue.

The puzzle I was making this morning with Tana (but actually it was already started by many people)
The puzzle I was making this morning with Tana (but actually it was already started by many people)

Today is the last day of the EILC in Aabenraa. In the afternoon I’ll take the train and I’ll move to Copenhagen with four friends and in one day everybody is going to take their own path. During this course I didn’t have much time to write in the blog, or for using the PC in general. I would have liked to post more, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing.

I’ve lived with a fantastic group of students: Silja, Henrik and Johanna from Finland, Róisín from Ireland, Sergio from Spain (my roommate), Rosanne and Nanouk from The Netherlands, Wojtek from Poland, Bettina from Austria, Eva, Lada and Jakub from Czech Republic, Winnie from Hong Kong, Tana from Belgium and Justina from Lithuania.

It’s been a good surprise to know that I’m not the only one to have a blog for the Erasmus. You can also read those written by Nanouk, Tana (both in Dutch) and Bettina (in German). They’ve worked on them and written more than me on this experience, it’s worth reading! 🙂

Awesome people with whom I felt very well and we did a lot of things, including: organizing an Italian evening — with the help of almost everybody and my supervision for the pasta and a great Tiramisù made by Bettina (nominated Chief Executive Officer of Tiramisù), Nanouk, Tana and Silja; making the Finnish buns all together coordinated by Silja; organizing a lot of pool matches changing the rules every time; trying to dress like Danes with very few and bizarre costumes at our disposal; etc. 😛

Sure, There have also been some less funny moments. I’m sad in some ways because in a bunch of occasions I’ve not been friendly as I wanted to, sometimes finding myself in trouble with Danish or embarassed during the “amusement moments” I’ve closed myself a bit and I felt very bad for offending a person without intention, even if this person understood.

I would have had a bit more time, I’m a bit afraid I’ve shown a not exactly nice picture of me, but I hope that at the end the other students have enjoyed this very busy days spent together as much as I enjoyed them. I believe we’ve truly felt the Danish concept of hygge, a very nice word but it’s hard to translate. 🙂

The puzzle is complete by now, maybe I can consider this post as the last tile. The photos I’ve inserted as gallery at the bottom of the post are other tiles, but there are a lot more.

In a few hours I’ll have to put back everything in the box. But the good side is that when you put away a puzzle the table frees up… and you can start a new one without forgetting the previous. 😉

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