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Note: this is the transcription of a short page we were asked to write in the first days of the EILC at Højskolen Østersøen. It was not required to let other people read it but I like to put it here in order to being able to make a final analysis after and find the differences on how I see this experience.

I left for the Erasmus two days ago, without knowing what to expect until the last moment. Actually the only thing I really expected was to find myself out of place in new situations that I would have to handle without knowing how. At the airport I started to feel that something “was not working” in the opposite sense of the word.

What I mean is that I’m living — in some ways — all the “first impact” aspect in a quiet way, nearly passive. The fact of having to spend all the time speaking in English in a place still new for me, with “new” home responsibilities, doesn’t particularly worry me. I would have never expected this type of reaction.

About the life in the Folk High School, it’s not bad. Sure, it’s a bit strange to find your self at morning and at evening singing (a tradition of the school that reminds me the scouts a little bit, but it’s OK anyways) however it’s a very exciting environment.

We are allowed to use the dining room for meeting, and also other rooms. We have some free machines for fruit juice, milk and coffee at our disposal: it’s not Italian coffee, but the juice is good.

Our group is very unite: we are 5 boys and 11 girls. May be the fact that we talk in English, may be living all together in the same place, or whatever else, but breaking the ice required less time than what I expected. Although not very accustomed to be with “many” new people at the same time, it all goes well.

I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but it simply feels natural. And honestly I don’t want to really ask myself for the reason: it’s enough to know that it’s OK this way.

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